Thursday, March 4, 2010

We decided to try something different… something new for us since the boys were born, and something that we hadn’t even seen as an option.
To start, let me just say that we have felt like we’ve been going around in circles with Levi’s airway problems. EVERY single time that he has been checked, since he was three months old, they have seen NO change at all in his airway. 1-2 mm in diameter, irritated and inflamed airway. That sounds so painful! And for a two year old to live like that? Not okay!
So, a very dear friend of ours was visiting TN for a few weeks and got to spend a few days with us. It was a God sent thing! She and her family lived on the ranch with us for several years, they were in charge of the boys children’s home part of the ministry. Part of the reason that they had to leave was that their daughter had a lot of health issues. Mostly related to allergies. She WAS allergic to everything. So they tried something completely different. They were scared about this, they were uncomfortable and nervous… but they tried it because nothing had worked for her up till then. They went to a ‘natural’ healer person(I‘m not sure what her title is exactly). This lady in Missouri is actually a Christian. After seeing Chelsea, my friend, and remembering how her health used to be, and the pain she used to be in (at 12 years old sometimes she couldn‘t even get out of bed because of her pain!) I was ready to load the boys up and start driving to see this lady ,(plus I really wanted to go anyway to see my friends:)
After talking to Brian, we decided to look around a little closer than 9 hours away. I was a little upset about this because I knew that this particular lady had really helped my friends and I trusted her because of it. I couldn’t even imagine going to someone totally random and assuming they weren’t just nuts. But it did make sense to try a little closer first and I did talk on the phone with the lady that my friend saw and kinda new a little of what I needed to look for.
SO, I called another friend to ask for help and see if she knew anyone that she could recommend. She didn’t but said she would start looking. And she did… and she found someone. We met with her a week and a half ago. And let me just say, I feel enlightened. Everything she said made perfect sense. Brian and I were completely blown away by it all. I feel hopeful and like we can finally move foreword in getting Levi’s airway healthy. We are sooooo thankful. We thank God for you all and your prayers, we ask that you would continue to pray for God to give us wisdom and discernment. We have stepped outside our comfort zone (what had become our comfort zone) and feel like we are perusing something better. Nothing has worked up till now so we feel we have nothing to lose.
What the Doctor was saying is that it’s all about giving Levi the right nutrients and taking away the things that are harming him. Nothing new for me personally, since my mom loves everything that is natural and healthy. For some reason we have always felt like, when it comes to the boys, Doctors know best. Things that my family would have NEVER been okay with, they have all felt like it was the only option. And I’m not saying that the Doctors don’t know best. Without them and their knowledge, our babies would not be here today. God has used them in a mighty way and continues to do so. But for now, we feel like this is a good option, a better one...
We love you all so much, I have felt so encouraged and up lifted by your words and prayers. Thank you. Thank you all so much for walking this walk with us. We are so grateful for it.