Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We’re back! And I realize I was supposed to update while in Mexico… but who was I kidding? There’s no time to sit at the computer while in Mexico! The time there just goes by way to fast and at the same time it felt like we were there for forever… it was pretty awesome. We got to see most of our relatives and a lot of friends. I finally got to meet my best friends little girl… we celebrated my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary, that was pretty amazing. We had 15 of their great-grandchildren there, only three were missing… two on the way (like this month!) Most of my cousins were there (I think there’s like 30 of us). It was so encouraging to re-hear my grandparent’s story, how God brought them out of where they lived, the place where my grandpa’s mom had been born and buried and that was his intention too… God did some miraculous things to bring them to Alamos, my hometown. Anyway, it was really fun.
The boys were very busy getting very dirty, playing with their cousins Aaliyah and Obed every chance they got! We made cheese at grandma’s house; they loved spending time with their sister Josie and all the other girls there. We had fun at the communities although we didn’t go that often. There where tons of relatives staying at the ranch the first two weeks, that was fun and chaotic! Lot’s and lot’s of celebrations for sure. On our way back, we stayed at in San Carlos (beach town) for three nights. That was incredible! It was my sister’s, sister in law, brother and niece and nephew. The water was too cold to get in, so it was perfect because that way Levi didn’t feel left out. They played in the sand for hours and hours.
Being there was such a blessing, yet bitter sweet. Leaving was also bitter sweet… it’s hard to visit the place that I love and miss so much, there isn’t enough time to do everything and just catching up with people makes me sad… I miss being a part of their everyday lives. Also, it was more noticeable this year how American the boys really are… they missed their home a lot and there are just so many things about Mexico that they just don’t get… the language for one!
The minute we were back in the US I realized that I hadn’t thought about Levi’s next scope and that is something that is happening tomorrow at 4:15! I have such mixed feeling about… it could be really, really good, or really bad… I’m pretty sure that the waiting time is over. We will know if Levi is going to need another major surgery or not (makes me nauseous just thinking about it) or if we can go ahead and start working on getting his trach out (that is like a dream!)
The other night I was watching decannulation videos on youtube (when kids get their trach out) and it really feels like a dream that is was too good to come true… we are hoping and praying for that!
Thank you all for your continued prayers, we love you all!