Saturday, February 28, 2009


 From my parents:
"Therefore I will look to the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation; my God will hear me" (Micah 7:7)
I don't really know how to start this, although many of you already know the events that took place in our house yesterday as we were away in Hermosillo.
Marilú called me around 10AM, but I was not able to talk to her right away, but more towards noon. It turned out the state police were at our house searching the entire house. They had orders to break any lock, or do what ever they had too do to search everything...
I ended up talking to the Public Minister, he was one of the ones in our house doing the searching. He told me they had found out our ranch was working with a lawyer doing illegal adoptions, and trafficking with children, etc. They said they received an anonymous letter that stated that. Also they knew for a fact that Trini's adoption was not done legally. We raced to the ranch from Hermosillo after trying to get in touch with the district Attorney there, but where not able to see him. They told us to go to Alamos as soon as we arrived back home and present ourselves with the Public Minister, which we did.
Two weeks after we came back from Monterrey finishing with Marilú's adoption, we found out that the adoption had been done illegally, as well as Lolis. I was precisely finishing declaring that with Child Protection Agency in Hermosillo, when I learned about what was happening in our ranch. We were outraged knowing our lawyer had done everything illegaly...why...? We cannot understand...
I was planning on going to the Judge in Navojoa to let her know our side of things, but was waiting for some documents, Lic. Ceballos, (the lawyer that did the adoptions), was supposed to give me. Of course he never did.
We find ourselves in a HUGE legal mess. We are pleading to God for His mercy. We want the girls back, but at this time have no idea what will happen...
Good thing our Lord is in control of all things, it is amazing how things can get out of hand in a blink of an eye. All the girls were crying and holding on to my dad when they took them. We are praying for them to be witnesses for the others girls and that they remember we are not fighting against flesh and blood.
As you can see, we desperately need God's intervention in this matter. We know things don't get out of hand with Him. We are confident that He is able to deliver us from the snare we find ourselves in. He has a purpose for everything He allows in our lives and of that we are also very confident.
Before we got home, around 5PM, DIF Navojoa, with orders from Hermosillo, had come and taken all the girls, except for Carla, Marilú & Lolis since they were declaring in Alamos. All evening yesterday I kept thinking I was having a nightmare and I just needed to wake up.
In Mexico, you are guilty till you're declared innocent. I thank God we can be home and not in jail right now.
Thanks to all of you, our wonderful family, you are the greatest! Also to the precious body of Christ that lifts our arms up in times of needs, we are forever grateful to God for each one of you.
Daniel & Ana
P.S. We are celebrating Daniel's 53 birthday today.
P.P.S. I, Daniel, say that it's my party and I'll cry if I want to! Okay I don't want to cry. At 10 PM last night one of the men asked me my age. I told them I was 52. At 12:30 someone else asked  me, (there was SO much paper work being generated!) and I looked at my watch. The man restated that he was asking my age not the time, thinking that I had misunderstood him. I told him that I was looking at my watch because it made a difference since for the last 30 minutes I had been 53 years old! (Thanks Daryn for that story I finally got to use it!)
 I was expecting something like this for the last week or two. It's funny how sailors, farmers and Christians get to sense things in the atmosphere, that suggest to them coming storms, or good winds, etc. I have been telling people for a couple of weeks that things have been so great that something big was coming. The most awesome thing is that when you know a storm is coming, you are prepared for it. When you know that Jesus is in the boat with you, you don't sweat whatever storm comes up. That is the assurance that we have in Him, that no matter what the weather, (or enemy) brings, we will be able to ride it out as long as Jesus is at the helm.
God is so faithful and is always our strong defense. All the authorities are aware now that we have been victims of our lawyer and things are looking better, although until the girls are safe back at home, there will be little rest. 
I went and was able to see the new director of Child protection services, and also the new lawyer in charge of the legal things. The new lawyer is an old friend of ours and knows us well. The new director was very impressed with all of our girls. She was telling me how well they were behaved and how they all arrived with their Bibles under their arms. They also told me several times that they had nothing to do with what was going on and tha everything would be okay.

Fire purifies gold. We and the girls have an inheritance more precious than gold. We don't like going through the fiery furnace but we sure like the way we feel once we are through it!

God is on the throne, the enemy knows his time is coming to an end and we are on the greatest team!

God bless you all,


Friday, February 6, 2009

Do not touch!!!

Yes, Jesse likes to eat Levi's 'nose'. It's a filter for his airway. It also humidifies his air, since it doesn't pass through his real nose. It's important for it not to be too wet and it really needs to stay in his trachea...

Because there is a foriegn object in Levi's lungs, his body will constantly try to 'push' it out. We need to suction Levi pretty often. It's very important for the suction catheter to be very, very clean... yes, Levi has it in his mouth.

Daddy made a gate!

What can I say? He likes to type.

I got kinda scared when I couldn't find Levi, but I could hear him...