Monday, November 8, 2010

Again, a very late update! So sorry, I always think I will do better about ‘staying in touch’. I love reading other people’s blogs and always think that I should try and be one of the ones that does better about keeping everyone up to date with stuff. I think that in my case, I get overwhelmed about everything going on and have soooo much to write that I end up not writing at all!

We have continued to be so blessed. God has done amazing things in our lives, HE is so good! The boys are, well… their just incredible! They continue to grow and learn and smile, they are always, always smiling. They are hilarious! It is crazy to think that they are almost three. I thought that they weren’t really ready to be three, for one, they spent their first year of life just fighting to stay alive! It seems unrealistic to expect them to be caught up with other kids their age. They have been doing a lot of evaluations through the school system since they are aging out of the Early Intervention Program that they have been a part of since birth. It turns out that it is me that is not ready for them to be three. Yes, they are still smaller than most almost three year olds, but they are so smart!

They have been a little sick for the past three days, so last night I was holding Jesse and I started remembering how small he was, last year, the year before, the first time I held him! But their my babies? How are they getting so big?! Sometimes they will tell me that their big boys(or they’ll say their a cat, zebra, puppy, cow, you name it!) but other times they will say ‘yes, mommy I’m your baby’! Melts my heart.

This has been a very busy month for us, with all the testing for the boys. In two weeks Levi will have another procedure. A scope of his airway, lungs and esophagus. Two days after that, my babies will be turning three! Two and a half weeks after that we get to visit home, It will be Levi’s first time. Of course I am thrilled, they’re excited too! Levi keeps getting mad when we come home because he says he wanted to go to Mexico!

We have continued in our ‘healthier’ lifestyle. Levi isn’t on any medication. Unfortunately we have not been successful in getting their skin nice and healthy. Their eczema continues to be a daily battle. This makes me feel that his esophagus won’t look great when they scope him. But, he does continue to improve with his eating. It’s crazy to think that last year he would only take tiny little bites of baby food, by force and then throw up! The gagging is gone completely… God is so good… He’s always talking, he even tries to sing!

In the 9 months that we have been not following doctors orders, I have learned a lot about myself and what I truly desire. First of all I must say, doctors are great! I love many of them! But what they have to offer is what I don’t like. I want healing, and that only comes from God. Restoration… I want my Fathers hand to touch my sons airway and restore it. I don’t want a surgeon to share in God’s glory and I definitely don’t want their side effects. BUT, God is in control and HE knows the desires of my heart and He also knows what’s best for us and what will bring HIM the most glory. I will continue to ask and beg and seek His healing hand until He tells me to stop, until He closes the door. I have so much hope, even though my eyes show me not to, I have hope because I know my GOD and what He says He will do for His children. It’s going to be good, it’s going to be amazing! We don’t get His timing, but even then we know that it is perfect.

Thank you all so much for your continued prayers, for lifting up our most precious gifts to the Father, for walking this walk with us.