Thursday, October 6, 2011

Learning to let go

Yesterday's procedure went very well, thank you all for your prayers! Levi could not have done better! He was actually waving at medical people as he was being carried away to the OR. When we first got there he was saying that Doctors and nurses were bad people and they would hurt him, but as we were leaving he said that he met the good nurses and Doctors today... this was all thanks to prayer and a really good idea that I think was heaven sent. Every time that I would start to detect fear in Levi's eyes, he would find a small prize! And we would remind him that special things happen at the hospital, and even though a really, really bad thing happened to him(in his mind surgery was a terrible thing!) we now look for special things and surprises. SO, in the OR there was a superman waiting for him. By the way, he is really hard to find! My poor mother in law went to 8 different stores looking for him, I had already gone to a couple and finally it was Mister who found him. Unfortunately it had to be him since Levi had been talking about wanting one 'weelly bad'... I think we would all agree that it was worth it! The anesthesiologist told me that he fell asleep happy watching spiderman on youtube.
So, the Doctor saw healing around the graft. He isn't sure if the graft itself is healing but if everything around it heals, it could hold it up and be an okay airway. We go back in 4 weeks to remove the stent, a few weeks after that will be the real test to see if everything stays in place...
His airway in general was very swollen, so I am putting him back on all his supplements and going back on a very strict anti-inflammatory diet. Hopefully it will help.
This is all taking so much longer than we thought, we were wanting to take him to the ocean to celebrate this month. Also, there are two spots for them at mustard seed preschool. They can not wait to start! We are now considering not waiting till Levi gets his trach out for them to start.
I know that I just need to let go and be okay with Gods path and timing, fighting it all along the way does me NO good whatsoever. But my goodness it's been hard! It goes against my personality big time. Our lives are up in the way with all these unknowns...
Thank you all so much for your prayers!